The purpose of this site is to educate and inform. We are not advocating the use of marijuana; rather, our goal is to provide useful information to adults who are planning to use marijuana legally under Colorado’s law. More specifically, we want to help adults avoid a situation in which they consume too much of an edible marijuana product and have a less than enjoyable experience. That’s why we have called this the “First Time 5” campaign. We want novice marijuana consumers to understand that ingesting 5 milligrams of THC is a sensible way to experience edibles for the first time.



For some, this can be a little confusing. When you purchase edible products, the package indicates how many servings of THC – the psychoactive component in marijuana – and the total milligrams of THC the product contains. A single “serving,” as applied to a marijuana-infused product, is defined in Colorado law as “up to 10 milligrams of THC.” In practice, most manufacturers consider a serving to be 10 mg of THC. When the laws were written, this was considered to be similar to a serving of alcohol – roughly equivalent a glass of wine or a shot of vodka. As this campaign suggests, however, even that amount may be a bit much for some new edible consumers.


So our advice is pretty simple. If you are going to consume marijuana-infused products and haven’t tried them before, start slow and be patient! Don’t make the mistake that others have made by consuming a single serving but then ingesting significantly more after just 45 minutes because the effect is not strong enough. Our suggestion is to set a limit for yourself and stick to it for the entire day or the evening, regardless of how you feel.

Clearly, we believe 5 mg of THC is an appropriate, conservative limit. For some people, 10 mg of THC is a comfortable amount; for others, especially novice users, it can be a bit too much. If you are the type of person for whom over-intoxication is discomforting, why take that chance? You can always see how your 5 mg experience feels and try 10 mg another day.


Different types of marijuana-infused products will affect different people differently.
Confectionary products that are rich and dense, like a brownie or cannabis-infused fudge, typically take longer for your body to digest. This usually means it will take longer for these products to take effect. Other items like tinctures and infused drinks that are quickly absorbed by the body will normally take less time to reach full effect.Remember to always read the label on the product and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you know about the product the better equipped you will be to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


We are interested in compiling stories from individuals who have purchased and consumed edibles from the Colorado market. Perhaps over time these stories will enable us to glean useful information about the optimal amount of THC to consume for people under certain circumstances. At the very least, they may demonstrate trends that can inform the decision-making of customers. Please share your edibles experience with us by using the form below. Thanks for taking the time to participate!